Europa Casino Live

Live Dealers at Europa Casino
Live Dealers at Europa Casino

Europa Casino Live Dealer Games

There are plenty of online casinos to choose from. Like many other casinos, Europa casino Live offers several ways to enjoy their games. They have a downloadable casino that allows players to access all of their over 400 games that are powered by Playtech. They also have an instant play version that uses a flash player for anyone that does not want to download the full casino. For people on the go they offer a mobile casino that is compatible with most smartphones and can be used with Android, Mac and blackberry operating systems.

Europa casino knows there are other casinos that can make these same claims and they work to set themselves apart by capturing the look and feel of Europe. This is done in part by the games that they offer, but many of these games are not able to capture the real feel of the casino. They use computer generated random numbers that some people do not trust to be fair no matter what Europa Casino is able to say.

They also lack the social atmosphere that people are used to in a live casino. The solution for Europa offers live dealer games that can help capture the atmosphere of a real casino.

Live Dealer Roulette at Europa Casino
Live Dealer Roulette at Europa Casino

What are they?

Europa Casino Live offers three of the most popular table games with live dealers. They are Europa Casino Live Blackjack, Europa Casino Live Roulette and Europa Casino Live Baccarat. Instead of watching the action that a computer generates the players are able to see the dealer and the table that they are playing at through streaming video. It is just like what they would see in any live casino.

Europa takes it a step further as evidenced by the comments that people have said.

“Sexy Dealers and a good time, that’s what I’ve come to expect here. Well done Europa casino”

“Europa Casino live dealer games bring the excitement of a real casino right to my living room. And there’s no commute!”

It becomes easy to see what people are bragging about when you enter the live games and see the dealer sitting across a table from you. It is also great to know that the other people at the table are real as well.

Getting started

Europa Casino Live

Europa Casino Live Tables offer some great welcome bonuses for the new players that can be used at the live dealer games. Unlike other casinos where the bonuses last for only a short time and a few deposits, Europa casino allows new players to get bonuses for a full year. They will match 100% of the first deposit made every month for 12 months. That amounts to $2,400 in welcome bonuses and does not include the weekly $25 weekly loyalty reward that all players can take advantage of.

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People who enjoy the live dealer games might also be high rollers. Anyone that makes an initial deposit of more than $1,000 will get a $500 bonus and will be considered for membership into the VIP club where they can get many more bonuses and special treatment.

It should become clear why the live dealer games are a good idea for anyone that enjoys both online casino gaming and taking trips to real casinos. With Europa casino, you are able to get the best of both worlds and be well-rewarded for doing so.