Where Can I Play Free NetEnt Live Casino Games in Canada

Where can I play free live casino games in Canada?

Free NetEnt Live Casino

There are very few live casinos online that will offer you free live dealer games in Canada. Since the inception of live casino in mid 2000 the concept at online casinos was to promote live casino in real live platform as done in land casinos with real money. With changing times over the years gamers demanded that live casino should also like slots offered for free play. Few casinos and few live gaming providers have now opted to offer free live casino or live dealer games.

One such gaming provider is NetEnt that has taken this initiative to provide few free live tables at NetEnt powered live casinos on the demand of several punters around the globe.

As not all casinos offer free play for live casino table you only will certainly need to register yourself at Canadian online casinos to access Free play mode live tables.

All you need is to pick your cell phone or any gaming device, select the Canadian online casino that is powered by NetEnt and click on Join Now or Play Now

You need to fill your few personal details like your email address and phone number country of residence and get access to the games.

After few rounds of free play if you want to switch playing for real money in the future you can do so. Netent live casinos are great sites to play free live casino in Canada. Live casino games from NetEnt are some of the highest quality available and have won multiple awards.

Free NetEnt Live Casino Games

Games offered by NetEnt Live casinos to play for free

There are few popular live tables at NetEnt live casinos to play for free. Here are the few you can choose to play as free play.

  • Live Blackjack
  • Live Roulette
  • Live Baccarat

1. Free NetEnt Live Casino – Blackjack

NetEnt presents a great selection of wager options at their live dealer games. NetEnt features an HD view of the table and dealer in a single slot while making the game of live Blackjack clear and straightforward.

The instant play live Blackjack game on PC includes a large selection of special features and easy-to-use options. Once the game loads, you’ll be able to access the betting interface with various casino chip values to choose from. It also includes various game stats that you can add or remove with the click of a button. The neat and simplistic layout certainly makes it easy to find all the options you require.

If you opt to play with your mobile the user interface provides an easy-to-use layout with a clear view of every move the dealer makes. You can see exactly what happens and the details are easy to find, thanks to special highlights such as your current hand which appear at the top. There’s also the popular chat option at the bottom right-hand corner along with volumes options in the bottom left-hand corner. (Source: NetEnt)

2. Free NetEnt Live Casino – Roulette

Live Roulette from NetEnt is another great live dealer game to play free. While streaming the game the camera angles allow you to see the betting table while the other shows a close-up of the Roulette wheel as the ball comes to a stop to reveal the winning number. NetEnt provides standard betting rules based on European Roulette, which features a single zero and the higher return to player of 97.30%.

The NetEnt live Roulette game features a straightforward European Roulette platform and includes standard options such as the racetrack betting option. It also offers small special features such as betting details and winning information when hovering over any of the bet options where you’d usually place your chips.

The game provides the ability to see the hot and cold numbers at the touch of a button, which offers a game history as well. The live Roulette counter appears above the betting table, keeping you updated as the next round gets close.

While playing live Roulette, you’ll find the game has a few special buttons you might not have seen in other games, including the x2 and the star. The x2 is rather straightforward as it provides double the betting value. Therefore, those who use strategies can hit the re-bet option and then the x2 to double the total bet for the next round.

The star is a great addition for any player as it remembers you special betting patterns. NetEnt knows how annoying it is to keep placing the same bet over and over, especially for those who cover multiple positions in every round. Simply load them to the star (favorites) and click on it to access your betting patterns. It even remembers them all so you can keep playing next time you return. (Source: NetEnt)

3. Free NetEnt Live Casino – Baccarat

If you love Baccarat, you will appreciate this version of the classic table game. The standard baccarat rules with a 9-for-1 payout for a tie. Players can place a single bet or a combination of bets. There are not much of live Baccarat tables though. Three-speed Baccarat tables are there from NetEnt. You will love this game to play free even at the standard online casino version which offers Blackjack Pro as the free Baccarat game to play.

Why there are few online casinos with free live dealer games

Free Live Casino

Many gamers have this question in mind as why there are few online casinos with free live dealer games. This is because of three main reasons

Many live dealer casino software providers like Evolution has strict policy to offer only real money live dealer games.

Second comes the factor how the game works. Unlike slots live casino games don’t work on RNG or Random number generator. Because casino games with random number generator or RNG as you call offers free and real money games.

But at live tables it has a real person who is handling the game in real time and it working for money like any other job sitting there dealing the cards or spinning the roulette wheel.

Lastly, Live dealer games are far more costly to serve up to players than computer generated ones. These live dealer games are streamed from a live studio and the casino has to bear the cost.

Netent live roulette

Points to note before you take on to play free Live casino tables

  • You need to understand that not all casinos offer free live tables. Emu casino can be the perfect choice for Canadians to experience life casino free.
  • Like playing free slots you are offered free coins to play the game, here too you are offered free chips within the game to play it all free. If you don’t want to exhaust your free money to play free live casino games it is advisable to keep your bet size small.
  • You are given a certain limited time to play live dealer games for free
  • You won’t be able to chat to the dealer or other players. This facility is reserved for real money players only.
  • If you win you can cashout more virtual or free money to play more.
  • While playing free live casino games you are not offered any help support because no help is required as such as no real money is involved.
  • When playing free live casino games you get to know and understand the game before you jump to real money play.
  • You obviously do need internet or WIFI to play the free live casino games and they are not available offline.

Free NetEnt Live Casino in Canada

Free NetEnt Live Casino or with real money can be found at many of the Canadian friendly online casinos where players can enjoy various types of poker, roulette, blackjack and other card games against a live dealer in real time. These casinos are streamed live from gaming studios right to your gaming device that is PC or cell phone. But one thing to note is that not all online casinos offer live casino on your smartphone.

Before you begin remember that most online casinos use apps to access their casino games on cell phone devices. These are free apps at App stores be it iTunes or Google Play or you can get them directly from the casino websites. Also, remember that some of these apps are comprehensive and downloading takes time and space while others are effectively instant play mode where you needn’t download anything but simply visit the online live casino with your chrome or safari mobile browser and get started. You can bookmark these casinos so that you can get going any time you wish to play live casino. An important point to take care of is that you need real money CAD deposits or BTC deposits to play live casino games as they do not offer free play.

1. Party Casino- The best real money casino in Canada

Party Casino Live Promo
Party Casino Live

At Party casino Free NetEnt Live Casino is where you can enjoy live blackjack, roulette and baccarat or more niche games like Dream Catcher. Each of these games are led by a live dealer to capture the essence of real land casino. Also at Free NetEnt Live Casino it’s easier to ask questions about the rules and strategies of the game via the chat facility for casual conversation. Live Casino, meaning private room or room apart in French, is Party casino own bespoke live casino studio filled with exclusive tables and extraordinary promotions. Party casino pairing with Evolution Gaming’s studios in Latvia, brings HD live table games to our players’ mobile displays every time. Professional live dealers, unique promotions and tables to suit every desire await inside.

The Elite Lounge live games include: Live Roulette, Blackjack (3 tables), Celebrity Party Blackjack, Dansk Celebrity Party Blackjack The Elite Lounge premium area hosts VIP Blackjack and Silent Blackjack

It has  the world’s largest selection of live dealer tables from industry-leading providers and choose the style in which you wish to play where you get Twenty-four seven access to over 100 tables from more than 10 different studios and land-based casinos in HD quality.

2. Play Now Casino Canada- Live Casino only for Canadians


Play Now casino is exclusive Canadian casinos that offers slots, poker, lotto games as well as live casino for Canucks. You can play at this casino instantly without any download even on your cell phones. This casino came into existence in 2004 when BCLC thought that Canadian gamers are more interested in slots games, sports betting, table games; keno, bingo and lottery games. The British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) therefore created Play Now for British Columbia residents and soon expanded to other provinces in Canada giving players one hub of online destination to find all the games that any Canuck may wish to enjoy.

Licensed and operated this by BCLC Play Now  is part of this same corporation which oversees BC Casinos and Lottery in your local retailers and offers online games for the Canadians to enjoy with any gaming device instantly.

This Free NetEnt Live Casino is an exciting offer by Play Now for players to enjoy their favourite table games. You can enjoy Live Blackjack, Live Roulette and Live Baccarat streamed in real-time video, delivering an authentic gambling experience where real dealers shuffle, deal and interact with players, just like in a real casino. Live Casino game outcomes are determined with real cards whereas other table games on PlayNow use a random number generator to determine game outcomes.

Pros and Cons of Free NetEnt Live Casinos

Free NetEnt live casinos, also known as play-for-fun or demo casinos, offer a gaming experience where players can enjoy live dealer games without wagering real money. Like any form of online gaming, they come with their own set of pros and cons:

No Financial Risk: The most significant advantage of free live casinos is that you can enjoy the thrill of live dealer games without risking your own money. It’s a risk-free way to learn the rules and strategies of various table games.No Real Winnings: The most significant drawback is that you can’t win real money. For many players, the thrill of winning is a primary motivation for gambling.
Practice and Skill Development: Free play allows players to practice their gaming skills and strategies. This is especially beneficial for those new to live dealer games or looking to refine their techniques.Limited Stakes and Betting Strategies: Free play doesn’t provide the same experience as real-money gaming, as it lacks the excitement of wagering and winning actual cash. Betting strategies can also be limited when there’s no real financial risk.
No Deposit or Account Required: You can often play for free without having to create an account or make a deposit. This makes it convenient for players who want to explore live games without any commitment.Lack of Authenticity: The absence of real money can sometimes lead to a lack of authenticity in the gaming experience. Players may not experience the same level of excitement or engagement.
Entertainment Value: Free live casinos offer entertainment value, providing a similar experience to real-money gaming. It can be enjoyable for casual players looking for a fun and immersive gaming experience.Incentives for Responsible Play: Free play does not promote responsible gambling practices. Real-money gaming encourages players to set limits and be mindful of their bankroll, which isn’t a concern in free play.
No Gambling Addiction Risk: Since there’s no real money involved, there’s no risk of developing gambling addiction or financial problems associated with it.Limited Game Selection: Free live casinos may offer a limited selection of games compared to real-money casinos. You may not have access to the full range of live dealer games.


free NetEnt Live Casinos provide a unique opportunity for players to experience the renowned live dealer games developed by NetEnt without the need to wager real money. These platforms offer a risk-free environment for players to familiarize themselves with the games, practice strategies, and simply enjoy the entertainment value of live casino gaming.

The advantages of free NetEnt Live Casinos include the absence of financial risk, opportunities for skill development, and no deposit requirements. They are an excellent choice for players who want to explore live casino games without committing to real-money wagers, making them an ideal starting point for beginners.

However, it’s important to note that free NetEnt Live Casinos do come with limitations, such as the absence of real winnings and the potential lack of the same level of authenticity and engagement found in real-money gaming. While they offer a valuable learning and entertainment experience, they may not fully capture the thrill of real-money gameplay.

Ultimately, the choice between free play in NetEnt Live Casinos and real-money gaming depends on individual preferences and objectives. Free NetEnt Live Casinos serve as an excellent tool for education and enjoyment, providing a valuable introduction to the world of live dealer games while allowing players to decide whether to transition to real-money play in the future.


Q1. What are Free NetEnt Live Casinos?

Free NetEnt Live Casinos are online gaming platforms that offer a selection of live dealer games developed by NetEnt, allowing players to enjoy these games without wagering real money. It provides a risk-free way to experience the games.

Q2. Can I win real money in Free NetEnt Live Casinos?

No, Free NetEnt Live Casinos do not offer real-money winnings. They are primarily designed for practice, skill development, and entertainment, and all bets are made using virtual or play money.

Q3. Do I need to create an account to play in Free NetEnt Live Casinos?

In many cases, you can play free NetEnt Live Casino games without creating an account or providing personal information. They often offer instant play options for users.

Q4. What types of games are available in Free NetEnt Live Casinos?

Free NetEnt Live Casinos typically offer a range of live dealer games, including variations of blackjack, roulette, and other popular table games. The specific games available may vary by the casino.

Q5. Are Free NetEnt Live Casinos suitable for beginners?

Yes, Free NetEnt Live Casinos are an excellent choice for beginners who want to learn how live dealer games work, practice their strategies, and get a feel for the games without risking real money. They provide a risk-free learning environment.