To play games at live casino always remember that they are not free to play and you need to make a deposit in real money or real Canadian dollars to play. This means you have to make a real cash deposit to play these games. Also all of these games might not be available at all of the online casinos and the variety can vary. Note that many online casinos also do not offer these live streaming games on your Mobile to play live casino games Instantly and may ask you to download their app or live casino game providers and you need to play only with a good Laptop and PC with fast WI FI and internet connection.

Types of Games Offered at Live Casinos

Live Casino Blackjack

Unlike land based casinos, there are two types of live dealer blackjack. One is seven seat Blackjack where seven players can play at one table. Sometimes you’re able to occupy more than one seat on the same table. At busy times it can be hard to get a seat at the low to mid stakes 7 seat tables.

The other is unlimited, Infinite or Common Draw Blackjack , where one or more player hands are dealt that an unlimited number of players can bet on. This is used mainly as a solution for players who can’t get on a 7 seat table who still want to play. Then there’s the number of decks in play. They can differ from 6 – 8 decks games.

Some games have European or Vegas Rules where the dealer takes one or two cards in the initial deal. Playing options during a hand can be different so it can affect your ability to raise your bet at key points in the hand. You may be able to play some, all or no Blackjack Side Bets

You can choose to play at casinos that have:

  • European Live Dealers who speak in English or their native language can be found at Evolution, Extreme Live Gaming, NetEnt, Media Live, Lucky Streak, Playtech and Ezugi Casinos.
  • Latin Live Dealers who speak in Spanish and English can be found at Ezugi, Global Gaming Labs, Vivo Gaming, Xpro Graming and Visionary iGaming Casinos.
  • Asian Live Dealers who speak in English and Chinese can mainly be found at Playtech casinos.

Live Casino Baccarat

There are loads of different varieties of Live Baccarat that you can play against a live dealer online.

Most of the live casino software providers carry the basic game, but some offer different versions that can make choosing a game confusing.
Typical differences with the games include the speed of play and the Squeezing of cards. You also get a choice of playing on your own or with others at the table. Also you get the opportunity to play alongside real players in land based casinos and you’ll even find games where you pay No Commission on Banker wins.

The objective of Live Baccarat is to predict which of two hands, The Player or The Banker, will win by having a hand value closest to 9. You’ll find the online version uses either 6 or 8 decks of 52 playing cards. The most popular is the 8 deck game, as it makes it slightly more difficult for card counters to gain an edge over the house.

•The quickest game is Evolution Gamings Speed Baccarat at 27 seconds a game round.
•For best payouts, Playtech’s No Commission Baccarat is the game to play.
•The Best “Squeezes” can be found at any Evolution Live Casino.
•If you like playing alongside other players then Playtech tables all offer Multi Seat Baccarat
•A 6 Deck game of Baccarat can be found at Visionary iGaming casinos

Live Casino Roulette

Live Roulette is the most popular table game in live casinos often attracting many players around the table. Roulette is a very straightforward game but there are a number of different types that can be found.

The basic aim of the game is for players to bet on a number or colour that they think a ball will land on when it is spun around the roulette wheel. The wheel contains 37 numbers (on a European wheel) or 38 numbers (on an American wheel). The numbers are coloured Red or Black. This is predetermined by their position in a number sequence. After players have placed their bets the croupier spins the wheel and then spins the ball around the edge in the opposite direction.

When the ball loses momentum it will drop into one of the coloured number wells on the wheel. The croupier then places a dolly on the winning number on the table and removes all the lost bets. This is normally done by sweeping them with their hand into a collection hole by the side of the table.

Winning bets are then paid out. In online live roulette you’re likely to see two different table layouts depending on whether the game is being played with a European or American wheel.

Live Casino Holdem

Live Casino Hold’em is based on the card game Texas Holdem Poker, which is a multiplayer poker variant. In Texas Hold’em players are dealt 2 personal cards and 5 community cards and attempt to beat each other by making the best 5 card poker hand out of the seven cards dealt.

But in Casino Hold’em you are only playing against the dealer and secondly, only one player hand in dealt that an unlimited number of players can play and bet on. Betting takes place before any cards are dealt and again after the flop or 3 community cards have been dealt.

After betting has taken place the remaining two community cards are dealt. As Casino Hold’em is played against the dealer it’s a perfect game to be played at a live casino and that’s why you will hear and see it referred to as Live Casino Hold’em.

The objective of Live Casino Hold’em is to beat the dealer, by having a better 5 card poker hand than he does. An unlimited number of people can play the one set of player cards.

The game is played with a standard 52 card deck. The deck is shuffled and changed after every hand, and depending on the live casino it will be done by an assistant to the dealer, the dealer themselves or an automatic dealing machine. As in poker, hands are ranked according to a preset value.

Live Casino Sic Bo

Live Sic Bo is a dice game that is very popular and the game means “Dice Pair” also known as tai sai, dai siu, big and small or Hi Lo. In online live casinos it is only known as Sic Bo.The game is a simple one. Three dice are rolled and the player predicts the outcome of the dice roll. If he guesses correctly he wins. If not he loses. You can bet on all sorts of number combinations.

Live Wheel of Fortune

Live Wheel of Fortunes online is starting to become popular with Live Casino software providers. This new live game was first launched by Evolution Gaming and the game was Dream Catcher. The wheels themselves come in different sizes and have varying amounts of segments depending on their use. What’s common between them all is the wheel is mounted vertically and is spun in a clockwise or anti clockwise direction.
Usually a leather strop runs over the segment separators and slows the wheel down until it eventually stops on a winning segment.

There is no set number of segments on a wheel. Dream Catcher has 54 Segments while the Betgames Wheel has 19 and Spin A win has 53. The segments can be number colours or both. These are the two most popular. Typically you can bet on a number or colour or odds and evens. Payouts for the different bet types are calculated on the makeup on the wheel.

There are various others other live games that you can enjoy including types of poker and card games. The online casinos may also offer slots, keno and bingo games for players to play in real time.

How to play games at live casino?

  • Playing live casino games is simple process. All you need is to find a reputed and legit Canadian friendly live casino or online casino that offers live dealer games.
  • You can visit the live casino with your mobile or PC to play instant game on your web or mobile browser.
  • Click Join Now or Sign Up and register yourself as a new player
  • Once your account is verified Go to cashier and make a real money deposit of $10-$25 to begin
  • You can deposit in CAD or BTC with many Canadian friendly deposit options available at the banking page.
  • Then visit Live Casino from the game menu.
  • Select the game you wish to play.
  • The game will load on your screen and soon you will be welcomed by a live dealer.
  • Find the table for yourself and place your bets to get started.
  • You wins will automatically be loaded on your casino account for withdrawals.
  • Remember that you should have a good internet connection or WIFI speed to get the games streamed live all smooth on your gaming device.