A Simple System Strategy to Play Baccarat

4 Advabatage of a Baccarat System

Baccarat is not a difficult game to play. There are very few decisions that have to be made when playing the game. A player is dealt the cards. The rules of the game dictate when a player draws another card or when they stand. There are no decisions that have to be made when it comes to the cards. Instead the decisions that re made is how much to bet on a hand. That means to come up with a strategy to use when playing that is about the betting on the game. There is a very simple strategy that has been used for a long time when it comes to baccarat. It is called the Martingale Strategy.

Explaining the Strategy

The Martingale strategy involves a progressive betting strategy. A player starts out with their initial bet. If they lose the hand, they double the bet. They continue to double the bet every time they lose. If they win a hand, they stop doubling the bet and revert back to their original bet. There is no counting of cards or anything else that requires an advance degree in calculus. All a person has to do is be able to double the amount they are betting at any time and follow the strategy.

Bet 5 loss, bet 10 loss, bet 20 loss, bet 40 win, bet 5.

The result is that a player wins $40 and had bet $35

There are many variations on the strategy. They include the Reverse Martingale where the best are double when a player wins and revert back to the original bet after a losing hand and the Grand Martingale System which involves doubling the bet plus a dollar every time.

Bet 5 loss, bet 10+1 loss, bet 22+1 loss, bet 44+1 win, bet 5.

The player will win $45 and will have bet $39

The key to the strategy

In order for the strategy to work and for a player to win, they have to know when to quit. They have to end up walking away from the table when they have won the amount of money that they set out for. This system will not give a person a big jackpot on a single hand. Instead it will allow the player to win more than they lose and to walk away from the casino a winner.

The downside of the Martingale system is table limits on betting. If the table has a maximum bet that does not allow the player to keep doubling their bet on every hand, they may end up in a situation where they cannot get their money back. The two ways to avoid this is to choose a table with no limit or to be careful about what the first bet is to allow it to be doubled without approaching the maximum bet. Other than that drawback, the use of the Martingale system is the easiest way to have a strategy that works when playing baccarat.