How To Play Super Sic Bo From Evolution Gaming At Live Casinos?

How to play Supersicbo

Super Sic Bo is the classic, simple dice game from Evolution gaming that has made super exciting by the possibility of random multipliers of up to 1000x! Just as in classic Sic Bo, players predict the outcome of the shake of three standard dice. It’s a simple concept, but the number of bet types that can be made is surprisingly large. Added to this, though, is a super-engaging User Interface with the random high payout RNG element. With the potential for multipliers to hit in any round, this live dealer Sic Bo is sure to appeal not only to Sic Bo enthusiasts but also to the widest range of new players, including slots players.

How to play Super Sic Bo?

how to play super sic bo
Super Sic Bo Game

Extremely easy to play, Evolution Super Sic Bo is a super-engaging edition of the ancient dice game that players old and new will absolutely love.

All you need is to join any Evolution-powered online casino like Ruby Fortune or Royal Vegas Casino or other such casino.

Join the casino and open your account by depositing in real CAD or BTC.

Now visit table games or other games lobby

Players simply place their bets on one or more result combinations shown on the game’s betting table to predict the outcome of the shake of the three dice. If the result of the dice shake matches the player’s bet, the player wins. The game is that simple, but there’s extra excitement in each and every game round.

Super Sic Bo Game Features

When you play Sic Bo game you know that you play it with dice. So at Live casino when this game is streamed all real from a live studio the main focus in the studio is on the contraption which is used to roll the dice. It is actually a glass box with a vibrating bottom that contains the three dice. The mechanism behind the device’s operation is simple, but the thrill which it provides is extraordinary.

Seconds before the dice stop vibrating, bets are closed and the fun is about to begin. However, not before something else happens first. That something is the increase of players’ potential winnings by as much as 1000 times. Random Number Generator technology is used to multiply players’ winnings 10x, 25x, 50x, and sometimes even by 1000 times.

All of this is done in a completely fair environment. All selected outcomes for the win multiplier are selected completely randomly using RNG technology. Furthermore, the fact that the multipliers are provided after bets have been closed makes sure that manipulation of outcomes is impossible.

In terms of excitement, Evolution Gaming has timed several game features in a certain way to facilitate maximum thrill. For example, only seconds before the outcome is given, the multipliers appear. This really increases the excitement in players and adds another dimension to the classic Sic Bo game.

When it comes to betting, a player basically bets on the total sum provided by the three dice. The player can predict the correct outcome or several other bet options. These include whether that number is odd or even and combinations of odd and even numbers. Groups of numbers (Small – 4-10 and Big – 11-17) are also available, as are any triples.

Finally, Live Super Sic Bo comes integrated with a very useful live chat option. The live chat option comes in quite handy when trying to see how others are betting. Another thing that helps when deciding which bet to make is the board with the outcomes of previous rounds. There players can see all possible statistical information relating to recent games.

There are not a lot of cameras that players can use to see the action from different angles in Live Super Sic Bo. However, the ones which are enabled are more than enough for a game of this type.

In addition to the live cameras, computer-generated technology is also entwined in the live stream. It is used to record bets and show multipliers and it is integrated perfectly with the live camera feed.

Betting on Super Sic Bo

Betting on Super Sic Bo is the most interesting part in the game as there are many bet combinations you can make.

From totals, odds or even or specific triple number bets. The more specific the bet, the higher the payout will be.

The highest paying bet is a triple which pays 150-1

The difference between normal Sic Bo payouts and evolution super sic bo is the addition of random multipliers applied to bet payouts of certain bet types.

The RTP for the entire game of Sic bo is 97.22%

Betting at Super Sic Bo

In the Evolution game, random multipliers are applied to between zero and several bet spots in every game round. This occurs just before the dice are rolled in the game’s custom dice shaker, taking the excitement levels to a new high.

If the player’s bet is placed on a bet spot with a selected multiplier, the payout is multiplied accordingly.

When you win simply cash out your winnings with any friendly options given at the casino you choose to play.

How to play Standard Sic Bo at online casinos?

If you really want to win the Super Sic Bo live game, what we recommend is to try first the standard Sic Bo game as it can be played all free as well as for real money at Canadian-friendly online casinos. You can opt to play for free and learn the basics of how Sic Bo game is played.

Click on the game and the game will load in seconds on your mobile or computer screen.

As said above there is a choice to play for free or a demo version of Sic Bo with virtual coins for fun and practice

If you wish to play for real money then make an initial deposit of $25 at the cashier with CAD or BTC.

Now select a chip or bet size to begin.

At the bottom you can find the bet amounts that you can choose. These chip sizes range from $0.10 up to $100.00. To place a bet, you need to choose a chip size and chip on the possible bets. You can place multiple bets in as many areas that you want however the maximum total amount you are allowed to stake cannot exceed $200.00.

Sic Bo Online
Sic Bo Online

When you first look, the table may seem like it’s cramped with dozens of bets but they are nothing but the outcomes of 3 dices on which you have to place bets on. The whole betting area can be divided into 4 horizontal sections. The top one has all the high risk high return bets and as you go lower you will see more low risk low return bets. At the very bottom section, you will find each of the 6 possible numbers on a dice.

Sic bo online game
Sic bo online game table

Placing a chip on any one of them means that you predict a roll of the three dices will result in any one of those numbers. At the top of the table towards the middle you can see ‘Any Triple’ which pays 6 to 1; this bet means you predict that all three dices will show the same number after the roll. The bets are self-explanatory and the same concept applies for all the bet options.

Choosing where to bet and which odds you are interested in is part of the fun. The 3 dice make many different winning combinations so you can find good odds on many areas of the Sic-Bo table. All the pay outs are clearly stated right on the betting areas itself.

A background audio of crowds murmuring is added to give the game a realistic feel and after every dice roll the narrator will report the dice total. After the dice has been rolled, all the possible wins with that dice combinations will be highlighted for player comfort.

Can I play Sic Bo at land casinos?

Yes, you can play Sic Bo at land casinos as well. Pick the right Sic Bo table when playing at real casino Though it may sound silly to you but picking the right table can have a great influence on your winning chances when it comes to Sic Bo. Note that the value of the table is always determined by the odds which are offered on 4’s and 17’s totals.
All you need to do is take a good look at the layout of the table and you will find the rates written right below the numerals in the very center. Also, the best House Edge one can expect would be about 65-to-1, or, if you prefer percentages, 8.33%. and the usual average, that would be about 60-to-1 and the House Edge would be 15.28%.

Make full use of bonus offers at the table. If you are playing Sic Bo at any online casino you can make full use of bonus offers at the table. Because online casinos offer great bonus offers to players, especially the new players like no deposit bonus or match bonus to play their games. If you also want some special bonus then better ask the Customer Service desk at your chosen casino for more information on free chips, bonus cash, or casino services.

Stick to your bankroll so knowing when to quit is crucial, as the odds will always be tilted in the favor of the House when it comes to Sic Bo. This means one simple thing: the longer you gamble, the more the risk increases as well! Yes, this is in spite of the fact that your winning chances increase too as said above but the best thing you can do, in order to make sure you are gambling responsibly at all times, is to set up a personal limit for yourself, if you haven’t already and stick to your bankroll or time limit.

Now join the live casino of your choice and play Super Sic Bo!