Casino Dealers Schools in North America – How to be a dealer

There are schools throughout the USA and Canada that offer the ability to learn to become a dealer in a casino.  There are many different types of training that one can go through to succeed. It is important for someone who wants to be a casino dealer to learn everything they can.

A dealer’s salary is not what brings in the money for a card dealer. It is the tips that they obtain while working from those that are winning. There are a number of institutions that offer training or courses to learn the tricks of the trade.

These can include:

  • Casino Dealers School
  • Dealer Training School
  • Blackjack Dealer School
  • Dealer School Online
  • Dealers Academy

Casino Dealers School

In Northern Virginia, there are numerous dealer schools that can be found. One of the most known schools is PCI.  PCI is locate in Las Vegas. Today, it is the oldest dealer casino school found in the United States.

Dealer Training School

A dealer training school has more hand on dealer course than a traditional school does. Many times, students will travel to a nearby casino and watch dealers as they work. There are many things to learn that can be taught from doing it themselves. They are more lenient on courses than a traditional dealer school is as well.

Blackjack Dealer School

This type of school focuses on the game of blackjack. While other schools may have a broader spectrum, such as card dealer schools or poker dealer schools, this type of school is for one type of profession only.

Dealer School Online

This type of dealer training school is done through the internet. There is no physical contact at all. It is on paper.  This type of poker dealer school requires a lot of dedication and being able to work independently without a lot of supervision.

Dealers Academy

This type of dealer casino school is the stricter kind of school. They are an academy and expect more from their students than a normal school may. These types of programs are poker as well as table games dealer school.

There are a number of top dealer casino school names available. These can include PCI in Las Vegas, Casino Dealer School of Colorado, The Casino Dealer School in San Francisco, California, and that is online.