What Are The Five Best Online Casinos To Play Keno In Canada?

Keno Games Online

Keno is lottery type game that is loved by all gamers in Canada. The game is easy to play, is not so costly and you get instant wins if you are lucky in the game. Keno games as video games are also available at online live casinos in Canada where you can play with real money or for free.  Here are the five best online casinos to play Keno in Canada on your mobile or PC or tablet.

1. River Belle Casino

River Belle casino Canada
River Belle Casino Canada

River Belle Casino is perfect Canadian casino to play Microgaming games including Keno. When you play Keno here you’re going to be choosing from a pool of 80 numbers rather than one of 120 characters. Before the drawn numbers are announced, you choose your own and select them on your Keno ticket with the click of your mouse. You’ll be paid out according to how many of your numerals correspond to those that were drawn or randomly generated, and how much money you originally bet. You grab $800 free welcome bonus as match deposit as a new player. Deposit and win in CAD.

2. Royal Vegas Casino

Royal Vegas Casino Bonus $1200
Royal Vegas Casino

Royal Vegas Casino is another Canadian friendly Microgaming casino to play Keno online. There are two keno games here one is Monkey Keno and other is Standard keno game. The casino offers $1200 as welcome bonus to new player.

The monkey themed keno is fun featuring tribal and jungle designs, all done in a pretty cartoon style that suits it. The game has a total of 80 numbers present on its grid of 8×10. A 10,000x prize is offered if you get the ones you need. You can change the wager from the bottom of the screen, from the section marked Bet. You click on the arrows found on the Left or the Right, in order to decrease or increase the value of the bet.

Should you guess all the numbers correctly, you can win as much as 10,000 times what the total stake was for that round. You can win with fewer guesses as well, just not as much.

3. Emu Casino

Emu Casino
Emu Casino

Emu Casino is one of the top most online casinos that accepts players from Canada. Besides slots you can play variety of games online even with your cell phone or tablet. You can experience and enjoy the keno game here, at Emu Casino. Choosing between 1 and 9 numbers will give you the best odds. All the games are instant to play which means you needn’t download anything but simply type the casino url on your web or mobile browser and hit enter to visit the casino.

Once you are at the casino homepage, just click on Join now or sign up button and register yourself as a new player. After all the formalities make an initial deposit of $10- $25 with CAD or Bitcoins. Emu casino offers 12 free spins on slots games when you enter to play as a new player and triple your first deposit with 100% bonus when you sign up for the first time. With a minimum deposit of $25 or more you charge up your account with first deposit and grab a welcome bonus which is $300 on match deposit bonus to play keno games here.

4. All Slots Casino

All slots casino $1500 bonus
All slots casino

With CA$1500 welcome bonus All slots casino is another Canadian friendly casino to play Keno with real money. The first step in playing keno is to pick your wager amount by increasing or decreasing your coin size.

Then, you select your lucky keno numbers. The average keno board has 80 numbers. Depending on your preferred keno strategy, you may select anywhere from one to fifteen numbers. Your selected numbers will be highlighted in blue on the keno board.

Once you are satisfied with your wager amount and your keno number selection, click the Play button. The keno machine will shoot out twenty numbered balls with the winning keno numbers. If a winning number matches a number you selected, it is called a “hit.” Your hits will be highlighted in red on the keno board. If you get enough hits, you win at keno.

5. Ruby Fortune Casino

Ruby Fortune Live casino in CAD
Ruby Fortune Casino

This Canadian friendly casino also offers Microgaming keno games. o play keno, players must select 20 numbers between 1 and 80. and mark your choices  which are controlled by an RNG. The more matching numbers you have, the bigger your winnings will be. As a new player you are offered CA$750 as welcome bonus and get to enjoy over 400 slots machines instantly without any download.

Finally remember that all the above online casinos offer both real money as well as free Keno games to play. This means it’s your choice to place a real CAD wager to play or just play for free without any real money deposit at these casinos. Also these casinos offer instant games without any download required, offer 24.7 help support, have variety of slot, live games and other games to enjoy.

Keno Games At Online Casinos

Following are the popular keno games at online casinos.

1. Standard Keno

Standard keno at Spin Casino
Standard Keno

Standard Keno is keno game where you choose up to 10 numbers and set the balls rolling! This is the perfect game for anyone who loves playing the lottery, or who wants a different gaming experience to the usual online games. Experienced players will find it a refreshing change of pace and new players will have plenty of fun with 100% free welcome bonus that can be used on any of their games. The clean and cheerful graphics set the stage for simple and fun gameplay. The aim of the game is to select up to 10 numbers and then see if you can get matches on them with the jackpot increasing the more numbers you match. Standard keno it’s pretty much exactly like the lottery, but with more chances to win, the only strategy you have is choosing the right numbers, there’s nothing to it!

2. Keno Xperiment

Keno Experiment game
Keno Xperiment

Keno Xperiment, give you the chance to experiment with a classic game, you can try different styles or even just go for a random play experience.

Keno Xperiment is a twist on the classic game of keno and a great addition to other games collection. As in usual Keno, you choose your numbers and then wait to see if the game picks the numbers you have chosen, with different jackpots depending on how many matches you have. The difference here lies in the fact that, in normal keno 10 balls are picked, in Keno Xperiment you can choose any number of picks from 2 to 10 or even choose a random amount if you are feeling experimental! This means there are some massive changes to the odds and to the prizes offered.

3. Mega Ball Keno

Mega Ball Keno
Mega Ball Keno

Mega Ball consists of 8 games, all with their own betting outcomes. Six balls get drawn every minute determining the different winning combinations. Play anything from one and ten different betting strategies in one game.

Take your pick of the 8 different games you can play which will be displayed on the left side of your screen. Every game has a unique betting strategy from the rest. Select a game you wish to play and read the instructions that follow. Decide on whether you wish to play one or more drawings of up to fifty duplicates.

All your bets that are active are shown in the middle of your screen. Click on any of the bets if you wish to change or remove that specific bet.

A countdown appears on the top of your screen and when there are only ten seconds left you are unable to place any more bets. The button stating “Confirm” will then disappear as well. Once it appears again, you may then place a bet.

This game also offers a jackpot to win. The progressive Jackpot uses small percentages of every bet made to add to the pot. The jackpots amount will be shown on the top of your display screen. Play the “Jackpot” game to win the progressive jackpot and correctly predict the five balls.

Remember all these Keno games at online casinos Canada can be found at their arcade game collection listed under all games at the games lobby. Many of them are powered by Microgaming software. Microgaming provides its casino games in download or as well as Instant play versions, and you can enjoy in PC or cell phone. The company offers a number of progressive jackpots through their interlinked network of casino operators.

They have developed lots of Keno games for online players and offer some of the most generous keno returns. It’s safe to play at Microgaming casinos as all casinos are eCOGRA approved and legally licensed in a recognized jurisdiction. You can play between 1 and 15 numbers with the biggest jackpot of 10,000 credits only available when you play 15 numbers. The best return is the Pick 13 which returns a good 96.54%. Game speed is fast although there is no auto play or auto pick option.

If you are looking to play Keno then obviously you can find them at online casinos that are powered by Microgaming and other gaming software and are Canadian friendly.