Can you bluff on Live Blackjack?

When people play online casino games, they hope that the games are fair. Since the games are being played against a computer, the people who play these games realize that they do not have much control over the outcome. The ability to win is often a matter of luck. When people choose to play a game such as blackjack, they hope that they are choosing a game that includes a little bit of skill when determining if they are going to win or not.

The online table games that are run by a computer are not always trusted by the members of the casino. They think that there is too much luck and not enough skill involved. That is why so many blackjack players are turning to live online casinos and live dealer blackjack games. The players of these live games think they are taking the luck out of the game and increasing the amount of skill needed to win.

Some players think they can bluff the dealer to win on live blackjack. They believe that is one of the skills that they can use to win big money. The problem is that whether a player is going against the computer or a live dealer, bluffing is not a strategy that works in blackjack. There are some basic reasons that a player cannot bluff in live blackjack or any other blackjack.

The Rules

The object of the game is to get closest to 21. If you have less than 21, you can draw another card. The player has the option of whether they want to draw the next card or not. They can draw as many as they want until they go over 21. The player also has many other options such as splitting their cards and doubling down.

The dealer is not under the same rules as the player. The dealer does not have a choice about when they draw another card or not. Typical rules require the dealer to take another card if they have a total of 16 or less. It does not matter what the other players have, the rules determine when a dealer hits and when they stand even if someone is trying to bluff.

Other rules also control what a dealer does. The rules of insurance and the rules of when a dealer has blackjack are very specific. A dealer cannot be bluffed because they do not have to make any decisions.

The betting

The second thing that makes bluffing irrelevant is the way the betting is handled. A player places their bet before the cards are dealt. The only time they can add to their bet is when they can split their cards or double down. The dealer does not care how much a player bets. The amount they payout when the player wins is already set by the rules. The dealer does not fold because a player is trying to raise their bets. It is not possible in any type of blackjack.

Because you cannot bluff in blackjack does not take away from the skill that is needed to play. Deciding how much to bet on a hand and when to take another card or to stand requires a lot of skill. Whether a live dealer requires more skill than a computer is for someone else to figure out.