Eight Top Live Casino Games to Play at Casino.com Canada

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Casino.com is one of the favourite live casinos where Canadians can enjoy lots of live dealer games with their own currency that is CAD. Casino.com with its lucrative bonuses to Canucks makes the live casino atmosphere more exciting. As most of you know that live casino is always offered in real time which means you have to make an initial deposit of $10- $25 (varies from casino to casino) to join live dealer tables.

Casino.com welcome bonus

When you join the casino.com site for the first time and register yourself as a player you are offered welcome bonus of 100% extra up to $400 in match deposits. Also on Saturday and Sunday, grab 50% cashback up to $10 on any of their  Live Casino games  even if you lose.

You will be dealt with a professional dealer, with state of the art video technology and the highest quality casino games design, to enjoy a realistic and sociable Live Casino in the comfort of your own home when you log in and play at Casino.com Canada with your cell phone or PC or tablet.

Eight Top Live Casino Games to Play at Casino.com Canada in 2019

Though there are various live casino games to play at Casino.com, some of the games are top rated here. In total there are 20 live dealer tables and out of them the casino lists eight as their top live casino games. Here find in brief about these games that you can play at casino.com Canada in 2019.

1. Age of Gods Roulette

Age of Gods Roulette

Age of Gods Roulette live game was developed by Playtech and launched in 2017. With every spin, a small percentage a player’s stake goes towards a four-tier progressive Age of the Gods Mystery Jackpot meaning that there is a jackpot level for every and any type of player. This allows you to win both on the green baize and receive potentially huge sums by unlocking the multiple jackpots on offer.

You can stake between CA$1- CA$5000 in this game. You get rewarded in real-time using both Free Spins in casino and the Live Casino free spins equivalent of Golden Coins. The entire look and feel of the game  including a new dynamic user interface designed to showcase the jackpot ticker and present real-time jackpot notifications has been developed to fit around the best performing Age of the Gods suite that has leapt to the top of the slot charts and taken the casino world by storm since its launch.

One of the most impressive new elements is a state-of-the-art 26m custom-built video wall that further enhances gameplay by allowing Playtech to render any imagery needed to support the game and show real-time information on jackpot winners and promotions across both Casino and Live.

2. Grand Blackjack

Grand Blackjack

Grand Blackjack is another live casino game launched by Playtech in 2017. This game is 7 seat, multi-player live game with  8 deck shoe where the dealer stand all 17s. You can double after split, double any 2 cards but can’t hit split Aces. Insurance offered here 10 card charlie applies along with side bets (Perfect Pairs, 21+3)

You can stake as low as CA$5 and as high as CA$5000 here in this live table game.

If you click a blackjack table the summary rules applicable to that table will be displayed. A number of live blackjack tables now also offer a range of side-bets in addition to the main game. Conventional wisdom and indeed RTP rates applying to these bets and dictate that they should be avoided, but it’s still nice to know which tables offer them.

Classic 7 seat blackjack is the most common type of table you’ll find at live casinos.  You take a seat at one of 7 available seats or multiple seats if you like and play your hand(s) in turn alongside other seated players, as you would in a traditional casino.

When the table is full, you have to wait for an available seat, or you have the option to bet behind if you have faith in the playing ability of any of the seated players.

3. Live 3 Card Brag

Live 3 card brag

Live 3 card brag is another live casino game from Playtech and the game is another derivation of poker and rather than being played with 5 cards in a hand its played with three cards. Traditionally three card brag is played against other players with one acting as the dealer, but the online live version has just two hands. One for the player and one for the dealer. The object of the game is for the player to beat the dealer with a high valued hand.

You can stake from CA$1- CA$2500 in this live table game.

The objective of 3 Card Brag is to beat the dealer’s hand with a better hand than he has. The game is played with one deck of 52 playing cards that is shuffled before each new hand is played. The hand values inlive 3 brag are not the same as in poker. The hands look the same but the order of value is different.

4. Grand Roulette

Grand Roulette

Grand Roulette is a European single zero variant by Playtech, streamed live from one of the developer’s studios located in Riga, Latvia and hosted by a professional dealer.

The table limits are set from CA$1 to CA50 for straight up bets, with the actual max bet of $5000.

The payout and limits table placed in the upper left corner of the game screen. This is also where the advanced settings can be found, allowing you to switch from normal to full mode, change the video quality and turn off the sound. In the upper right corner, the chat box is placed, enabling the player to interact with the dealer.

Once the game is launched, the player submits the bet on the selected field by clicking on a particular chip and placing it onto the desired table area. This can either be done manually or you can simply place group bets by selecting the Race Track and Special Bets tabs displayed on the screen bar to the left.

In case you have a system of your own, Grand Roulette allows you to save up to four of your favourite bets which can later be accessed under My Bets button and modified at all times. The player’s balance is displayed on the lower left part of the screen, with a Cashier and Quick deposit tabs right next to it, enabling faster and smoother depositing process, without leaving the main game screen.

5. Casino Holdem

Casino Holdem

Live Casino Hold’em Poker is another live casino games from Playtech played strictly against the house, meaning other players around the table have no effect on the outcome of the hand as they are also playing against the house. The developer has created the game to include various options and setting to players with multiple bet amounts.

You can stake from CA$1- CA$500 in this game.

Each round will require an Ante bet along with a call bet once cards have been dealt. This means no raising is necessary or the technical skills that other players always seem to bring to the game. Just place your bet, receive your cards, if your hand is worth something, call the bet and match up against the dealer to win.

6. Hi Lo

Hi Lo Live Game

Live Hi-Lo is another top game from Playtech at Casino.com.The table is laid out in an easy to use manner with last results and various bet options available. Betting takes place on the table, meaning no betting menu is displayed at the bottom of the screen. Instead, various coin values and other games options appear in the much smaller bar, allowing more of the game to fill the screen.

Once the table and video feed of the dealer has loaded, you will find the game is quite easy to figure out. The results of the last round in displayed in the light blue bar in front of the dealer 2 being the lowest value and Ace the highest.

The stake ranger from CA$1- CA$1000 here in this live game.

The objective of Live Hi Lo is to determine whether or not the next card will be higher or lower than the last. For example, if a 6 appeared in the last round with a 7 to follow and you place a bet on higher, you will win. However, if a 6 showed in the previous round and a 2 follows with the same bet, you would lose.

You can select card groups including 2 to 5, 6 to 9, or 10 to Ace. Placing a bet here and the next card appears within those brackets, you will win. Other betting options also include card colors, betting that the next card will be an Ace or King, or even just an Ace. There are many ways to hit impressive payouts, but also many ways to decrease the risk by playing the Hi-Lo game only on the left, which also includes a snap option that allows you to bet that the next card will consist of the same value.

Players will be able to choose from multiple bet values as various chip values are shown. This allows users to take advantage of progressive betting, which has proven very popular and rewarding with this type of game. Chip values range from $2.00 up to $20.00, but players can stack coins and reach total bets of $200.00 per bet.

7. Slingshot


Slingshot is a Roulette type of live game from Playtech which is a unique combo of the standard single-zero Roulette and an optional video slot, with the emphasis on the automated wheel instead of the live dealer. The optional mini slot game is placed in the left upper corner, with the separate paytable, history and help section.

You can bet as low as CA$0.05 and as high as CA$5000 in this live game.

Just underneath the mini game screen, the players can see the chat box which you can use for any type of game related inquiry, but not before you place the deposit; as soon as you submit the minimum amount, the chat option will become available. For additional help, you can also refer to the Help icon where the details regarding the game rules and bet types are displayed – no balance is required for using this option.

Slingshot roulette implements the standard European Roulette rules, and the bet is submitted by selecting a desired chip value and clicking on the betting area. If you are feeling generous, you can use some of your chips to tip the dealer by selecting the Tips tab on the Roulette table.

The details of the table limits are visible prior to launching the game, but you can also refer to the betting range and change the limits while the game is in progress. Once you change the limit, the new bet minimum and maximums will be applied as soon as the next session starts.

In case you would like to break the Roulette routine, additional bets are available in the form of a slot game which the player can pick out of the three different slots. The bet value and the number of lines can be adjusted manually and the slot’s bonus features and payouts are located under Menu icon.

8. Unlimited Blackjack

Unlimited blackjack

Live Unlimited Blackjack from Playtech often comes to the rescue considering that it can accommodate an endless number of players at any moment in time with experienced dealers from a studio in Riga expertly conducting play and always ready to chat with gamers, the innovative variant has quickly become very popular in live casinos.

You can stake here from CA$5 to CA$5000.

The game allows five betting positions player, meaning you can play five hands at once. Cards are dealt from an eight-deck shoe and dealer is required to stand on all 17s. In order to place your bet, select your preferred chip size and click on the betting position to place your wager. Click on PP located above the standard position to place a Perfect Pairs side bet.

Perfect Pairs side bet can only be made alongside the regular wager and when it is effective, players will receive 6 to 1, 12 to 1 and 25 to 1 payouts for Red/Black pair, Coloured pair and perfect pair respectively. The game will split hands according to the optimal strategy automatically and in this case you have the option to continue or fold and receive 80% of your stake back

If Aces are split, the player only receives one card, while a payout on a ten-value card and Ace in a split hand is 1 to 1 rather than 3 to 2. Current table limits are displayed in the upper left corner of the table payout, while the game option panel is available at the bottom right corner.

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