Live Dealer Hi Lo casino game – A simple game to play

Hi Lo Live Game

Live Dealer Hi Lo casino game- A simple game with an easy strategy to apply for wins

Hi-Lo games are card games that are available at online casinos to enjoy. The way most online casinos’ Hi-Lo games work is simplicity itself. Wager up and a virtual card is “drawn” from a standard playing deck of 52. Guess whether the next card is higher or lower and perhaps even more payouts are possible when correctly prognosticating the colour or suit of the given draw as well. There are many Hi-Lo games like Rally Hi-Lo, Hi-Lo 3 Card Pro, 5 hands Hi-Lo 3 hand Hi-Lo and many more.

As said above Hi-Lo is probably the simplest of all card games.  In its most basic form, the dealer will deal the player(s) a card face up.  The player will choose whether the next card is higher or lower.  If he is correct then he wins, if not then he loses.  In some games, you can also pick whether the next card is the same.  In case of the same card (when not picked), some games will give it to the house whereas some others it’s a push (no winner).  It’s very simple in its presentation but highly addictive.

Hi Lo 3 card game
Hi Lo Three Card Game at online casino

How to Bet in the Hi-Lo game?

Betting for Hi-Lo can get somewhat creative but because of its simplicity, there is only so much you can do before it gets somewhat redundant. Besides betting on whether the card is higher or lower, the player has the option to bet whether the next card is red or black and/or the suit. Decreasing the odds from almost 50/50 with this type of play increases your chances for a larger return. Unlike craps which offer plenty of strategies, betting options and various odds, Hi-Lo has only so much to offer.

Rules and Strategy to play this live game

Rules for Hi-Lo differ with the types of games and for the most part, the only rules that sometimes make a difference to the player are the amount of decks used. The odds change as well but this more has to do with what the house is willing to offer.

In the case of a 52-card deck, the player has a fairly good chance of “counting cards” as their strategy will be to determine what cards have already been shown and what haven’t. This enables the player to determine the best guess for a higher or lower card, its suit or colour.

Not exactly how they use it in other games such as Blackjack, but no doubt this is an acceptable strategy against the always-winning casinos. “Card Counting” is a strategy in card games more specifically blackjack, where a player tries to gain an advantage over the house to increase his odds of winning. In this particular strategy cards between 2 through 7 are given a +1. 8, 9 and Ace are all given a 0. The 10, Jack, Queen and King are assigned a -2.

Obviously, with only one 52-card deck, the strategy is easier. That is why in most casinos Blackjack is played with more than one deck and the games that do offer only one deck have worse odds.

Hi Lo Live casino game

Although the game is quite simple when you play just the basic Hi-Lo system and as stated above there are many ways to add features, create bonuses, change odds and other ways to make you spend your money. Remember the more bets you make through the course of one game, the more the odds are against you.

For example, in the 5H Hilo 1-100 game, the player is dealt 5 cards in a row. The player can choose which card he wants to bet against and whether the next card is higher or lower. On the face of it, it seems as though your odds are improved because you have 5 options. Unfortunately, the odds are a bit lower than playing with just one card, and most people assume it’s much easier to play with more than one hand. As I said the more hands you play the more your odds decrease.

In Hi Lo Game Show the player is allowed to bet whether the next card is higher or lower as well as choose the colour suite as well as spades, diamonds, hearts clubs and any combination of these. The players can always bet an extra $1 for the Bonus Bet. Unfortunately, he must first get all five guesses correct and then the 5 cards must have something from a pair to the Royal Flush. Bets such as these are always considered sucker bets and most seasoned gamblers will tell you to stay away from these bets.

The casinos are there to make money and although it seems different, they will do anything to make you think the odds are increasing when they are doing the opposite. So always stick to your bankrollHi-Lo when playing any game.

Hi Lo at Live Casino

Hi-Lo is a very recent addition to Playtech’s live games suite. Same way as other Hi Lo games here too you are guessing whether the next card drawn by the dealer (the result card), is higher, lower or the same (snap) than the card currently displayed on the table (the base card). Ace is the highest, and 2 is the lowest. If you pick incorrectly, you forfeit your bet stake. If you pick correctly, you win a house-calculated payout.

Suppose the base card is the Queen. The result card will be the 4th card drawn (the first 3 are burn cards). The result card then becomes the base card for the next round.  The live dealer Hi Lo might be new at live casinos but it has simple and easy rules to follow. Therefore, even new players have the same chances as experienced players when it comes to winning.

The objective of the game is to correctly predict the next card the dealer will draw, in comparison to the card on the table.  The fact that live dealer Hi-Lo is played against real dealers makes it easier for new players since everything occurs in real time. The game can be played any time of the day, giving players a great opportunity to understand the game and even win great cash rewards. Live dealer Hi Lo is powered by Playtech software.

How to play live dealer Hi Lo

Hi Lo Live casino game

Live dealer Hi Lo is probably the simplest card game you will ever come across.

Live dealer Hi Lo begins with the live dealer showing the three base cards and you are given the option to switch the cards. Players are then required to place a wager on the circle located on the table layout. Players are given a few seconds to decide the optimal bets on the value of the next card. Once you are through, hit the “deal” button.

There are two main buttons, the Hi and the Lo button. You should click on the Hi card if you think the next card that will be dealt will be higher than the base card. The Lo or low button should be clicked if you think that the next card will be lower than the already dealt card.

That is the whole gameplay of live dealer Hi Lo. If you predict correctly, you are granted a payout. If you predict wrongly, you lose the wager and you have to start again.

If the next card being dealt is similar to the previous card, you lose. It is important to note that only 100% correct predictions will give you a payout.

There are several positions to expect.  Players will decide how high the risks can get and, at the same time have the option of pressing the “SKIP” button and waiting for the next round.

When the “No more bets” button lights up, you will have to wait for the game’s outcome and collect all your profits or a partial amount of your profits and leave some for the next wager.

The card ranks and Live dealer Hi Lo Payouts

In live dealer Hi-Lo, the card ranks in the usual manner except for the aces that are lowest. The rankings start from the lowest as follows: Ace, two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, J, Q, and K.

Payouts for live dealer Hi or Lo bets are calculated based on the value of the previous card. The payout will then be displayed on the screen against the betting options. For instance, if the previous card is a 3, then the odds for a higher card are low and that of a lower card will be high. Besides that, the game also features additional bets, making it even more attractive to live dealer casino players.

In addition to the Hi/Lo/Snap bets, you may also bet whether the result card will be:

  • Ace: payout 11.56 x bet amount
  • Ace or King: payout 5.78 x bet amount
  • Black: payout 1.92 x bet amount
  • Red: payout 1.92 x bet amount
  • 2, 3, 4 or 5: payout 2.89 x bet amount
  • 6, 7, 8 or 9: payout 2.89 x bet amount
  • J, Q, K or A: payout 2.89 x bet amount

Snap offers the highest payout at 12.06 times your bet amount.

Payouts for the Hi (Higher) or Lo (Lower) bets are house-calculated based on the value of the base card and displayed against the respective bet options.

Indeed the long-term expected return to the player is 96.45% thanks to Playtech for now publishing return-to-player rates on their live games.

Playing Live Dealer Hi-Lo is fun

Like in every live casino game, there is lots of fun and thrill to play, the same way with this Hi-Lo game streamed live to you on your PC, tablet or smartphone. You will hear the shuffling of cards and you are guaranteed that the outcomes of the games are not generated by computer. You will be able to see the results of the games just like how it is done in a land-based casino.

The game also allows players to interact and chat with the dealers as well as with other players. With the live staff, players can feel comfortable playing with real human beings.

Live dealer Hi Lo also allows you to select the live dealers you would like to manage the game. You can practically pick out a person who impresses you to be in charge of your game. In between this real game show the live dealers also offer tips and strategies to players which is beneficial to new players who are shy from the game rules and want to understand the game. Click here to play Hi-Lo at the Live Casinos of your choice.