Top 10 Blackjack Don’ts Etiquette

Although blackjack is a type of casino gambling game, it is also a social game involving major interaction among the players and with the dealer. To make this game a full fun and to prevent cheating, avoid misunderstandings, and promote enjoyable play, a set of appropriate behaviors or do’s and don’ts are evolved. Every player is expected to know the basics of blackjack etiquette before starting to play or sitting down at the table. Here are the Top 10 Blackjack Don’ts Etiquette you must follow while playing blackjack.

The following are some necessary cautions you must keep in mind that can help protect against unpleasant incidents and ensure a fair game while playing offline and online real money blackjack.

1. Don’t Occupy Seat Immediately

1. Don’t Occupy Seat Immediately

Although a seat may look empty, it may not necessarily mean it’s available. Often players leave the game to visit the restroom or some other reasons. It may appear, quite often, for the player next as an empty seat and he may use the vacated spot to play a second hand. But be courteous and ask if the seat is taken before sitting down. This is one of the Top 10 Blackjack Don’ts Etiquette.

2. Don’t Misplace Chips 

Don’t Misplace Chips 

At every casino, the blackjack table has marked betting areas on its surface. If a chip touches any of these areas, it will be considered as wagered. Hence, it is necessary to make sure any unwagered chips are neatly placed, not scattered, near the table rail out of play. This will make and look you organized and help you prevent any unnecessary issues.

3. Don’t Interrupt the Game 

Don’t Interrupt the Game 

Some blackjack tables do not allow you to enter a game mid-deck. It is, therefore, necessary to wait until the shuffle to buy in by exchanging cash for chips with the dealer. When that time arrives, place currency on these tables in plain sight. Never push it toward the dealer. Stacks of chips will be counted out and pushed back across the table. It is your responsibility to confirm that the amount of chips received is correct. This is also one of the Top 10 Blackjack Don’ts Etiquette.

4. Don’t Misbet 

Don’t Misbet 

The table limits are informed and posted. Never bet below the minimum or above the maximum. For chips that are bet, the lowest denomination chips are stacked on top and the highest is placed to the bottom, entirely within the betting area. Once the dealing has started, you should not touch the wagered chips again until after all bets have been settled. When splitting, doubling, or taking insurance, don’t pile more chips on top of the original bet. Move the chips toward the dealer to count and arrange in the betting circle.

5. Don’t Touch the Cards 

Don’t Touch the Cards

In blackjack games where all of the players’ cards are dealt face-up, only the dealer can touch the cards. Don’t try to rearrange them, split them, or move them to the side when you double down. That’s the dealer’s job.

6. Don’t Blow the Cut

Don’t Blow the Cut

After each shuffle, the dealer will ask one player to cut the cards with the help of an unmarked plastic card. You need to insert it mid-way into the deck, at least a full deck from either end when multiple decks are used. Don’t cut too shallow and don’t “double clutch”—cutting the deck and pulling the card out to cut somewhere else.

7. Don’t Mishandle the Cards 

Don’t Mishandle the Cards 

In blackjack games, the cards are deal face-down. You can use one hand only to handle the cards. Make sure you do not bend or crease them. Also, hold the cards above the table surface at all times. They may not be removed from the playing area.

8. Don’t Say It, Show It

Don’t Say It, Show It
Don’t Say It, Show It

All your actions at the table are under surveillance cameras. This protects both players and the casino from cheating. For any action taken, such as increasing a wager or drawing a card, verbal instructions cannot be picked up by the cameras. Therefore, every action—hit, stand, double down, split, etc. should be accompanied by an appropriate and unambiguous gesture or hand signal.

9. Don’t Neglect Winnings 

Don’t Neglect Winnings 

Only once you complete the hand, you should collect the winnings. Some exceptions exist, such as claiming 3-2 odds for a natural blackjack or a side bet on Perfect Pairs. Make sure to rake in all your winnings. If any chips remain in the betting area at the start of the next hand, they become a new wager. Even if you want to “let it ride” following a win or a push should remove the chips, count them out again, and then replace them in the betting area.

10. Don’t Forget to Tip

Don’t Forget to Tip

It is necessary to tip casino personnel. To do so, push a chip toward the center of the table while pointing to the dealer, and saying, “For the dealer.” Make sure that the surveillance camera must see what is happening, so don’t try to hand the tip to the dealer. Just place it on the table surface.


Displaying the right etiquette and mannerisms is very important when you are sitting to play a blackjack game. Above-listed is some of the blackjack don’ts that you must consider and avoid doing it for decent gameplay and fun.