5 Great Live Casino Hold’em Strategies To Beat The Dealer

Live Casino Hold’em is a popular poker variation game with a common goal to beat the live dealer to create the best possible five-card poker hand. Here are the 5 Live Casino Hold’em Strategies.

You need to deal with two hole cards along with five-card flop or community cards from a standard deck of 52 cards, which you must use to make their winning poker hand.

This game is available in both online and land-based casinos, and the experience you get is entirely different in both the games. Playing online against a dealer is more convenient.

You get a great range of table limits and betting options. The strategy you use while playing live casino Hold’em online is also different from the “poker face” strategy that you implement offline.

Live Casino Hold’em Strategies

This is not a challenging game, still, you should have a good strategy to play the game and limit your risk.

With one goal to beat the dealer, you need to make the right bets that will help you get a better poker hand. This is where effective strategies come into play. You can find many strategies online, here are the popular and effective 5 live casinos hold’em strategies which are most important and would help you greatly while playing the game.

1. Use a Calculator

Use a Calculator

Creating the best combination of cards regardless of whether you have a good hand or not can be too tricky for a new player.

You need this know-how to help make sound decisions while playing Live Casino Hold’em. We suggest you to use a hold’em calculator. It helps determine whether you have a good hand or not. You can also use them to know the best combination of cards to get.

Most calculators will ask you to select your hole cards and three community cards before deciding your winning hands and strategy decision with the highest EV. This is one of the 5 Live Casino Hold’em Strategies.

2. Define a Budget and Stick to it

Define a Budget and Stick to it

One of the most important steps you can take before playing Live Casino Hold’em is to set your budget and a time limit. Mostly, there is no fixed starting or ending time with online casino games since they are available 24/7.

Hence, you can play for 24 hours, with all your money in the bank, and the game won’t still stop.

To cap the risks effectively, you must control your gambling choices. The best way to be in control, therefore, is to set a budget. Define a set amount of money that you can afford to stake on Casino Hold’em and stick to it irrespective of if you win or lose.

On losing, don’t play more games to “get your money back.” You are likely to lose more. You can make changes to your initial budget when you record several wins. However, it is still advisable for you to take a break-even if you are on a winning streak. It will save your profit and have more to play later.

3. Keep Your Ante Low

Keep Your Ante Low

The Ante bet is when you’re “forced” to make before the flop. It is suggested to keep it low as you will have two choices after making an ante bet, either to “Fold” or “call”. Having a high Ante bet is not suitable for either of the two options.

If you decide to fold, you discard your hand and lose your Ante bet. If you opt to call, however, you will need to place a bet that is twice the bet of your initial Ante bet.

Often, high Ante bets can result in a significant “hole in your pocket” and exhaust your bankroll in no time.

4. Avoid AA+ Side Bets

Avoid AA+ Side Bets

These bets may appear to be amazing with offers of a big win but don’t fall for it. Better to avoid the Pair Plus bet as it alone can help you knock off 4% off the house edge and triggers your chances of beating the dealer.

It is an optional bet, hence you don’t have to make such high-risk bets. The idea of a 100:1 Payout no doubt looks enticing, but the Royal Flush happens on rare occasions – one in every 40,000 hands.  

5. Call More than you Fold

Call More than you Fold

Although it depends on the strength of your hand, it is always great to “Call” more often than you “Fold” when playing against a dealer in Live Casino Hold’em. It has been proven that the house edge decreased when you call more than folding.

  • Knowing the rules is necessary when playing as this could have significant effects on your strategy.
  • Here are some normal rules to help you play Live Casino Hold’em:
  • Call with a pair or better to call after flop
  • Call when you have a Queen-high, except when the community cards belong to the same suit, and you don’t have a card of that suit
  • Call when you have an Ace-high or King-high
  • Call with two over-cards
  • Call any flush draw as long as you only need one card to complete a flush or a straight
  • Fold with low unpaired cards unless you have a straight draw or flush draw
  • Fold when you have no cards that match the suit after the board is paired

Other Live Casino Hold’em Tips

Other Live Casino Hold’em Tips

Here are a few additional tips to help you get more from playing Live Casino Hold’em:

  • Practice: You can’t become a pro at playing live casino Hold’em by playing occasionally or just one day. It will require several hours of practice every day. Several online casinos allow you to play Casino Hold’em in demo play.
  • Look for more Playing Tips: There are many other more tips that are available online. You can apply these tips when playing Live Dealer Casino Hold’em. For this, you can join poker forums and online communities to chat with experts.
  • Play Most Of The Hands: Unlike Standard Poker, you can play most of the hands here since you are playing against a dealer.
  • Understand the Dealer’s Position: As you are playing against a real dealer; you can read your dealer’s strategy and pattern of playing and you can beat him.


Live Casino Hold’em is an exciting game you must try out when playing at an online casino. With rewarding bet options, juicy bonuses, and the chance to play against a real dealer; it is an overall great game to play for real money.

The above 5 Live Casino Hold’em Strategies and tips will be of help. It will reduce your risk and increase your chances of beating the dealer.