What Is a Single Zero Roulette Strategy?

In the world of roulette, several different strategies have been developed over the years that have been used by gamblers to excel at the game of chance. These strategies are usually categorized by the type of roulette game being played.

There are two primary types of roulette games – double zero, or American roulette, and single zero roulette, which is sometimes referred to as European roulette.

The Single Zero Roulette Difference

European single zero roulette is different from its American counterpart in one very simple, yet quite important way: American roulette wheels have two green “zero” pockets, a single zero and a double zero, while European roulette wheels have just one green zero pocket.

The difference may seem almost insignificant, but the truth is that the inclusion of an additional zero pocket makes it harder for a gambler to win a double zero roulette game than a single zero game in several key instances.

Easy Win Single Zero Roulette Strategies

When it comes to single zero roulette, you’ve got a statistical advantage over double zero roulette in several different kinds of bets – especially those referred to as “even money” bets. These types of wagers are typically low-risk, and low-reward in that you have a relatively high chance of winning.

The payouts on these bets are usually the lowest as well, which corresponds to their higher chance to pay out.

Examples of Even Money Bets in Single Zero Roulette

Roulette wheels, both American and European ones, have 36 numbered pockets that range from 1 to 36. 18 of them are coloured red, while the other 18 are coloured black. These colours alternate so that no two red or black pockets are next to one another.

Additionally, the 36 numbers are distributed randomly across the wheel as well to prevent any of the numbers from being next to one another in order. What this means is that gamblers can maximize their chance of winning by betting on the roulette wheel coming up either: red or black; odd or even; or a number between 1-16 or 17-36. These are all considered even money bets as these bets have the highest percentage of winning, which is approximately 48.6 percent.

The payout for these bets is 1:1 – in other words, you’ll double your money if you win. Even money bets are often considered one of the least risky types of wagers when it comes to single zero roulette and is thus ideal for beginners.

Advanced Single Zero Roulette Strategies

Once you have gotten a handle on how single zero roulette works and you’ve grown confident in making even money bets, you can begin to experiment with more advanced single zero roulette strategies. One of the most common ones, called the Martingale Strategy, involves “doubling up” on your bets.

The premise is simple: if you bet on red, for example, and the wheel ends up on black, bet on red again on your next turn but double the amount of your original bet.

If your spin ends up landing on red this time, you’ll be able to make back the money you lost on your initial bet along with a bit of a profit. If you lose this second bet, double up again on your third or subsequent spins until the wheel finally does come up on red.

Since you have a 48.6 per cent chance of red coming up with each spin, you will eventually make your money back on a win – as long as you don’t exhaust the money you have available to wager before then.

The best way to manage the Martingale Strategy is to begin at the table’s minimum bet so you have as much room to increase your bet before hitting the table’s maximum.

Tips on Not Losing Your Shirt

Even if you stick to a simple single zero strategy such as the Martingale Strategy, there are some things to keep in mind to ensure you don’t lose your shirt at the roulette table. You need to have a strategy in place to minimize your losses or you will end up losing more money than you were prepared to lose.

To avoid this fate, you need to decide how much total money you’re willing to bet and lose before calling it a day. Sticking to this decision will take some willpower on your part, especially since the desire to “bet it all” in an attempt to make one big win and walk away with all the money you lost some can be tempting, but it’s the best way to avoid losing money you can’t afford to lose.

Additionally, a good strategy to keep yourself from losing too much money is to withdraw any profits you make as they come instead of keeping all of your winnings intermingled with the money you came to the table with.

For example, if you start your roulette gambling with $100 in chips and you end up with $150 after a few lucky spins, filter out $50 – the amount of money you’ve won – and keep it away from the table. Continue playing with the initial $100 you started with and continue to pluck out any wins as you go.

This means that you’ll never risk more than $100 at the table at one time. If you can make enough in winnings to equal the amount of money you stepped up to the wheel with, you can safely lose your initial stake and not actually be out any money – and at the same time, if you do keep winning and you continue to keep your winnings separate, you can slowly but surely build up your winnings until they’re more than your initial stake.

That way, even if you do end up wiped out eventually, you’ll still have your initial investment plus your profit. It’s the smartest way to gamble.