7 Common Video Poker Mistakes to Avoid

Video poker many times offers players one of the lowest house edges at the casino, however, it requires both persistence and patience to take advantage of it. Beginners and intermediate gamblers, unfortunately, make the task even more complicated by making one or more mistakes. This mostly impacts their long-term expected return which means the difference between winning and losing during a period of play. Let’s find out the 7 Common Video Poker Mistakes to Avoid.

To help you combat these video poker errors, we have compiled a list of the most consistent blunders and provided solutions for how to tackle them. Even though you’re guilty of a huge number of these mistakes keep your head up and remember that you’re now taking steps to enhance the quality of your play.

1 – Failure to Join the Slots Club

Failure to Join the Slots Club
Failure to Join the Slots Club

Regardless of where you’re playing, in Las Vegas, Macau, or one of the many other casinos around the globe, it is highly likely that a player’s club card will be available to you. All you need to do is sign up, get your free card, and then put it into the machine just before playing.

This grants the casino to keep a track of your wins and losses, and your overall playing patterns. It also provides them with an opportunity to determine who might be a worthy long-term customer that often results in coupons and comps being transferred through the mail.

Video poker players mostly experience long dry spells while waiting for the next royal flush payout, hence, promos and freebies have a big impact on their overall success. Some of the biggest personalities in the VP world have named slots club cards as the single most important item for the advantage players to possess.

2 – Not Checking the Pay Table

Not Checking the Pay Table
Not Checking the Pay Table

The pay table determines the player what to expect from the game in terms of prizes and it’s the most valuable piece of available information. It is also free, considering that you care to look at it.

We are always amazed at the players who put money into a machine without even testing the information standing in front of their faces. Casinos generally put similar machines in a bank, even though, their pay tables can vary a great deal from one game to the next.

When you’re playing a certain game, you always try to choose the machine that provides the largest possible winnings. You cannot do this without testing the pay table, hence, always make this your first priority of business before playing.

3 – Drinking at the Casino

Drinking at the Casino
Drinking at the Casino

Casinos offer free alcoholic beverages to their patrons. This is because when players make errors more than usual when they start drinking. Although, you might not feel the effects of the alcohol you can still relax because it is working internally to slowly eliminate the effectiveness of your brain. Prefer sodas, coffee, and water and your bankroll will thank you in the long run.

If you do choose to partake in some mixed drinks, always wait for several hours before getting driving a vehicle. Even though this isn’t really related to gambling, it’s still difficult to enjoy video poker if you get distracted stinking drunk, and eventually get killed on the highway.

4 – An Aversion to Grinding

An Aversion to Grinding
An Aversion to Grinding

If you truly want to win at video poker you need to play thousands upon thousands of hands. It is true that any fool can get a profit on occasion, however, it’s the hustlers who will have the most chance of making a profit.

Remember that a royal flush generally turns up about every 40,000 hands. However, can you play through the 39,999 to get it? The game might not be suitable for you if your answer is “no”. You should even quit the casinos completely and start to buy lottery tickets in that case.

5 – Failure to Practice

Failure to Practice
Failure to Practice

Once you’ve started making the perfect plays for a game to memory, you’ll need to provide your brain with some help through the tradition of practice with time. There are many ways as to how to do this which can be an effective tool for the serious player.

Make a series of flashcards which is the cheaper option. On one side of the card put any of your hands and list the perfect play on the back. Whenever you have some free time, consider these cards and always try to memorize their details.

The second option needs a modest investment, however, it’s quite worth it in the long run. Purchase a video poker trainer that is a product that provides you with the opportunity to play through an infinite number of VP hands. If you make one incorrect play, the software warns you of the mistake and demos the correct play. You’ll also be marked on your overall accuracy, and it’s preferable to steer clear from the real thing until the number has crossed 95%.

6 – Failure to Risk Maximum Coins

Failure to Risk Maximum Coins
Failure to Risk Maximum Coins

In most video poker games; the ultimate goal is the royal flush and you will generally need to risk the highest number of coins to be qualified for the bonus payout. There was a gambler who once failed to win a $100,000 payout; as he decided to play four coins instead of five.

7 – Not Playing the Most Lucrative Machines

Not Playing the Most Lucrative Machines-7 Common Video Poker Mistakes to Avoid
Not Playing the Most Lucrative Machines

Before taking a trip to a casino; you need to do some hardcore online research and determine potentially the most profitable video poker machine on the quarters. Once you’ve determined the game, learn about the rules, and search for the considerable strategy for perfect play.

Once you’ve done the tasks above; either make strategy about the card or set about remembering the exact plays for every possible hand. When you are at the casino; this combo of preparation and scouting should find you in the best probable position for success. These are the 7 Common Video Poker Mistakes to Avoid.