Betradar Partners with DOJO Madness to Offer eSports Betting

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Sportdradar’s Betradar has signed a deal with DOJO Madness that will enable bookies to offer eSports betting products.

Betradar has entered a deal with Berlin-based eSports big data startup DOJO Madness. The eSports startup is led by eSports gaming veterans like Electronic Sports League founder Jens Hilgers.

Betradar Fills the Void of Banned Skin-Betting Sites

The partnership will enable betting operators to access important betting data. These include pre-match and in-play odds on a wide array of online and offline eSports contests. The eSports betting product will be launched in Q4 and will feature popular eSports games such as League of Legends and CS: GO.

Betradar’s head of eSports, James Watson, says that the company is eager to add the latest betting trend to its portfolio. Mr Watson also says that Betradar is taking it slowly to meet the expectations and demands of customers.

Betradar aims to make the most out of the recent closure of major skin-betting sites. The company will cover the void in this market and is determined to make substantial revenues. The Betradar-DOJO Madness eight-year deal states that major upfront payments for DOJO Madness and a portion of revenue allocation.

Las Vegas Bookies to Promote eSports Betting

The Nevada Gaming Policy Committee is discussing how to incorporate eSports betting into Las Vegas’ licensed sportsbooks. The recent consensus was that eSports betting products won’t require new legislation but will require minor regulation amendments. The state committee will start public discussions in Q4 to allow bookies to offer eSports betting products in early 2017.

The main issue that has emerged from the potential approval of eSports betting would be match-fixing and game-hacking incidents. Nevada promotes wagers for terrestrial eSports contests which are considered less prone to digital glitches.