How to play Live Sic bo and best strategy to win the game at Live casino

Live Sic Bo

Sic Bo is the ancient Chinese dice game and many online casinos now offer this game in their games lobby. Live casinos also have a few tables of this game to enjoy. The most popular games offered at Live casinos are Playtech, Ho Gaming, Bodog 88 and others.

Playing Sic Bo at Live Casinos

Sic bo is played with three dice. The game aims to bet on the results following the throw of the three dice. Several different bets can be placed and the game can appear confusing if you have not played before. There are also different house edges depending on the bet you place.

  • Just select the live casino to play Sic Bo
  • Register and open your casino account with real money deposits
  • Search for Sic Bo in the Live casino menu
  • If available choose the variant to play

Players can bet on outcomes such as the total value of the three dice, a single number appearing, a combination of numbers appearing and other options. You can place any number of bets you want. Each bet has a different payout depending on the probability of it occurring.

Following are the Sic Bo Bets

  • Total – This is a bet on the total value of the three dice and includes the numbers 4 to 17. Payouts differ for this bet.
  • Small and big – A bet on the total value of the three dice being small (4 to 10) or big (11 to 17). Pays out even money of 1 to 1.
  • Combination – A bet on any two numbers appearing on the dice. Pays out 6 to 1.
  • Single – A bet that any specific number will appear on any of the three dice. Pays out 1 to 1 if it appears once, 2 to 1 if it appears twice and 12 to 1 if it appears 3 times.
  • Double – A bet that two of a specific number will appear on the three dice. Pays out 10 to 1.
  • Triple – A bet that a specific number will show on all three dice. Pays out 30 to 1.

Game Variations in Sic Bo

As said above Sic Bo is offered at Live Casinos powered by different gaming software. The most commonly found game variations are as follows:

Sic Bo from Ho Gaming

Live Sic Bo from Ho Gaming

HoGaming is a reputable live casino provider with its headquarters based in Hong Kong. The company has focused on the Asian market since the 2000s with its live casino games streamed from the land-based studio in the Philippines. From the live casino lobby players can choose Live Multiplayer Sic Bo to play

In this dice game with tables, it accepts up to 7 players. Featuring live dealers trained according to the highest standards, Live Sic Bo from HoGaming will provide you with a Macau-like gaming experience you can enjoy without leaving the comfort of your home.

This  Sic Bo game can be played at Regular, Private and High Roller tables with the betting limits varying from one casino to another. The minimum bet stands at $1 while the maximum goes up to $500 and even $30,000 at certain casinos. Being a fast-paced game, Sic Bo allows 44 rounds to be played within one hour. The lower part of the screen is covered by the board where bets should be placed while the live stream occupies the centre of the screen along with the close-up of three dice rolling showing the result of the game.

Rules of the game and strategy to play

You can place your bets on a variety of options and the corresponding payouts are displayed on the board. The result of the game depends on the value of three dice rolled in the container by the dealer. Players are supposed to place their bets within a determined period and as soon as the bets are closed, the results are shown on the table. Available bets are Small and Big, Total, Double, Triple, Any Triple, Single and Combination.

When playing Live Sic Bo, you should consider applying a proper strategy to make the most of the gameplay. The ideal strategy for beginners includes placing Small or Big bets which have better odds of winning. As these bets have payouts of 1:1, you can increase your stake gradually and win in the long run. Other low-risk strategy includes betting on the combination of two numbers which can also yield consistent payouts. The biggest payouts are delivered on Triple bets paying 1:150.

Live Sic bo from Playtech

Live Sic Bo from Playtech

This game is standard three-dice Sicbo. Playtech has recently upgraded its live dealer platform which looks impressively now with invigorating purple tables that show everything a Sicbo player should see while playing the game. In comparison with Sicbo games provided by other gaming companies, Playtech’s Sicbo table features the board which is printed on the table instead of its graphical representation.

In the lower left corner of the screen, you can see all the payouts listed while the top left corner is reserved for the results from previous rounds where you can easily follow the trends. On the central part of the screen, you will see the live dealer with the container in which dice are rolled. The result of each round is displayed in a close-up.

The betting range at Live Sicbo tables from Playtech varies from casino to casino and goes from only $1 up to an impressive $20,000 per round, which will please both beginners and high-rollers.

Rules of the game

When you join the table with the betting limits that suit your bankroll best, choose a preferred chip value and place your bet on the betting options you like. You are allowed to place as many bets as you like within the betting limits at the chosen table and you have 30 seconds to complete your bets. The result of each round can be between 3 and 18 and you are supposed to guess the outcome and win by opting for Big, Small, Double, Triple, Single, Total and Combination bets.
The lowest payouts are delivered when you bet on Small and Big but these options have the best odds of winning which makes them perfect for beginners. The biggest payout can be won on Triple bets. While most Sicbo games pay 150:1, Playtech’s version of the game pays 180:1.

Live Sic Bo from Bodog 88

Live Sic Bo from Bodog 88

Bodog88 Sic Bo features tables in the elegant dark red colour hosted by Asian live dealers. The central position of the screen is reserved for the live video of the dealer with the bowl with dice in front of her while the results are shown in the close-up on her right, or from the player’s point of view, in the top left corner. In the lower part of the screen, you can see all the possible bets you can place once you have chosen the chips of a preferred value. The player can see the statistics with hot and cold numbers on the right side of the screen. Players can choose from Regular, High Roller, VIP and Private tables offering different betting ranges. Depending on the betting limit they prefer, players can wager between $1 and $2,000 per round.

Rules of the game

Once you join the table, you have 25 seconds to place your bet. Just place the chips on the preferred number or combination on the board and confirm your bet. When the message ‘No More Bets’ appears, the dealer pushes the button and rolls the dice. A round lasts 30 seconds and the game uses a standard set of rules. Players can choose from a variety of betting options such as the total of the three dice, single numbers, two specific numbers or a combination of numbers. All payouts are displayed on the board and when the round is over all the winning numbers and combinations flash.

Players can place Small and Big bets thus predicting that the total of the three dice will be between 4 and 10 or between 11 and 17. These bets pay 1:1. If three dice show the same value, the bet does not win. Another type of bet is Double and by placing it you bet that the same number will appear on two dice. The payout for this bet is 10 to 1. The bet loses if three identical numbers appear. With a Triple bet the player bets that all three dice will show the same number.

The player can bet on any specific number or Any Triple. While Any Triple pays 30 to 1, a specific triple pays 180 to 1, which is the largest prize. Other available bets include Total, Combination and Single awarding a range of payouts according to the paytable.

Live Sic Bo Opus Gaming

Live Sic Bo from Opus Gaming

Sicbo from Opus Gaming features live chat as well as a section with all the bets and payouts listed. Players will be also informed about the results from the last roll and when the game is launched, the close-up of the dice will show the results. All kinds of players are accepted at Sic Bo tables by Opus Gaming as the betting range varies from $1 up to $5,000 per roll.

Rules of the game

Once you join the table, you have 20 seconds to place your bet. When the time is up, the dealer will roll the dice and all the numbers appearing on them will be clearly shown. The game features an audio and visual timer which will warn you about the time left to place your bets. Bets are placed on the board populating the lower part of the screen with all the betting options visible. Just like with other Sicbo games, players can place Big and Small, Total, Combination, Single, Double and Triple bets. All the payouts are shown on the board and you will easily see which bets award the most lucrative prizes.

Triple bets pay 150:1 which is the biggest payout one can win in Sicbo from Opus Gaming. However, if you are a novice to this form of entertainment, try first Small and Big bets which predict that the total of three dice will be between 4 and 10 or 11 to 17. These bets are part of the low-risk strategy which will help you not lose much money while you are learning how the game functions. You can devise your winning strategy but always keep in mind that Sicbo is a game of chance.

Best Strategy to win Live Sic Bo

Live Sic Bo- Best strategy

Sic Bo is an easy game to play and requires no such skill or strategy to win. Three dice are used in the play and the player bets on the possible outcome. Still, the following tips to understand can help you in making some possible wins at Live Casinos.

Playing this game has proven to be the easiest part as players are only required to have a clue about the dice value being thrown. Out of the three dice, you can accrue the results of one, two or all dice being rolled. Multiple bets are eligible in one game and different payouts are awarded to every bet. The dealer rolls the dice and the payouts are done about the bets placed.

There are two basic bets in Sic Bo; the Big bets and Small bets. For Small bets, the total of the three dice must be between 4 and 10 while those of Big bets must range from 11 to 17. A game may be a loss to a player if all three dice have the same value.

There is also the Double bet whereby a play wages on two of the dices having the same value which more often than not will range from 1 to 6.  This will give out payouts of 10:1. Other than this, there is the Triple bet. In this case, all three dice must have the same value ranging from 1 to 6. The payout here is 30:1 and in case of a special triple bet, the payout moves up to 180:1.

The Total and Combination bets offered while playing Sic Bo brings out the total value of the three dices ranging from 4 to 17. Its payout varies from time to time about the probability. The combination bet on the other hand brings out the specific number of two of the three dice. This brings in a payout of 5:1.

Single bets are also offered at Sic Bo with a player betting on the outcomes of one or two dice. New players may see this game as more difficult to play but following the required steps makes it a piece of cake.

You should know the best odds as well as the right bet to win. The pay table gives all this information and can be seen in live dealers, free gaming as well as standard online games. This clear understanding helps a player to know the best time to bet and when not to.

Avoid using betting systems while playing Sic Bo as their results are always negative. This happens not only to this game but other casino games. They not only incur losses to players but also are very unproductive.

It’s better to practice Sic Bo’s regular game at online casinos before indulging in Live dealer games to learn the game and know the rules.